Schaefer-Techniques distributes in Europe since 1963 rigorously selected SME suppliers of characterization technologies for solid state Physics.

After having successfully provided Vacuum and Cryogenics technologies for many years, with the availability of commercial Scanning Probe Microscopies, our company established itself as a leading supplier of nanoscale characterization technologies in the nineties, then grew into a pan-European network in the 2000s.

Our strengths are:

  • Our vast and deep experience which enable us selecting the most innovative technology suppliers globally. Our partners are often new academic spin-off companies founded based on innovations/patents bringing measurement state-of-the art to the next level.
  • Our capillary presence, with several regional offices spread over the whole continental Europe.
  • Our independence. We are free to focus on customer satisfaction rather than financial performance, we pride ourselves on being privately owned; no financial investors nor venture capital own any of our shares.

Schaefer-Tec offices are located in: Germany (since 1963), Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania and Poland.

Nowadays our technology portfolio comprises:

  1. SPM microscopes for operation in air, vacuum or ambient and related accessories
  2. Nanoparticles characterization as well as nanoparticles prototyping tools for nanomedicine
  3. Nano mechanical testers for operation in air or in situ
  4. Optical profilers and optical 3D microscopes
  5. Process control instrumentation (vacuum, mass flow meters, magnetic fields)


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