Mission funding by the GDR NS-CPU

It is possible to finance missions for doctoral / post-doctoral students of GDR teams in order to promote training and inter-team collaborations. For this first year, several grants are available. It is possible to finance transportation and / or accommodation / meals depending on the case. A maximum of around 500 euros in defrayal per mission is considered.

To apply for this funding, please fill out the following form with a short text (typically one or two paragraphs) indicating the applicant, his/her status, the teams involved and the motivation / subject of the collaboration between the teams as well as the date and the length of stay envisaged. For more flexibility, requests will be handled on an ad hoc basis. You will be asked to provide a copy of the documents for transport and / or accommodation / meals to obtain reimbursement. If needed, funding could also be provided prior to the mission if necessary.

Mission Request Form

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