The main objective of this GDR is to gather the french community of researcher working on UHV-SPM techniques

The 4 main missions are to

– 1 – Further the scientific and technological exchanges

– 2 – Train PhD students and Postdocs to different UHV-SPM techniques

– 3 – Develop new themes based on scientifical and technological advances

– 4 – Develop and spread theoritical concepts and numerical tools

Simultaneously, the GDR works with REMISOL to favor exchanges around technical aspects linked to UHV-SPM equipments

Le comité scientifique est composé de : Clemens BARTH (CINaM), Christophe BRUN (INSP), Sylvie GODEY (IEMN), Christian JOACHIM (CEMES), Jérôme LAGOUTE (MPQ), David MARTROU (CEMES), Guillaume SCHULL (IPCMS), Loranne VERNISSE (Pprime)

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